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Premier post d'une petite série sur les habits traditionnels Français.
ici, celui d'Arles

I'm thinking about getting an Android phone, as... maybe... a replacement for my iPhone, but I'm not giving up the iPhone just getting another phone to see if I can live with Android nowadays. So, I looked at the Samsung S21 and... no headphone jack. But I want good performance from my phone.

If you don't compromise when it comes to protecting your privacy and maintaining your anonymity — #GetSession.


Are you a privacy hawk? Well then familiarize yourself with all this privacy preserving technology 🤫


"Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program"

-- Milton Friedman

My 2013 Mac Mini with Thunderbolt 2 to USB3 to SATA + SSD adapters is performing rather well!

The lengths I went to to avoid opening it up boggle the mind, it's spaghetti inside the cabinet... but it's my spaghetti and I love it!

Loving yourself takes daily practice :heart_fuchsia:.

5am... My lad has been awake since 2am....

I thought we were getting into a routine. Turns out he was tricking me.

3 hours of hugs and attention from a tiny cute human however is a fair price to pay for a lack of sleep.

I love this little boy so much x

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