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9 hours sleep!

I could conquer the world! But it's the weekend so I will game :)

Listen to the OpenVoices podcast interview with our CEO, Frank Karlitschek to learn more about what #Nextcloud is about.

Gotta hand it to Microsoft. I'm looking at a laptop running Windows Home Edition and their new Microsoft Edge browser truly is the best browser for downloading a different browser.

Metal Hurlant, le fanzine Français qui a façonné la Science-fiction telle qu'on la connait.

De George Lucas a Hayao Miyazaki en passant Guillermo del toro, le créateur d'Akira Katsuhiro Ōtomo ou Ridley Scott, tous revendiquent l'influence majeure qu'on eu ces dessinateurs Français sur leur travail.

L'esthétique de nombreux films de SF Hollywoodiens, de Blade Runner a Mad Max en passant par Star wars, sont largement inspirés de Metal Hurlant, quand ils ne l'ont pas carrément plagié.

Morning world. Coffee, some toots and a plan! What can possibly go wrong?

My podcast 

My podcast, Robert Kingett's Trunk, should be available on your podcast app of choice. It will feature audio versions of my writing, panels, and more. I actively hire Disabled narrators. If not, here is the RSS feed.

Just recorded today's podcast. Goes live in 3 hrs.

Productivity is not about doing more.

I share how my life started to change in the silence.

Thank you to folks like @techlore for their awesome content which has really helped me in my quest for "Digital Minimalism" and a calmer life.

Emptying Gmail:

Deleting all messages from Bin...
18695 conversations left to delete.

Exploring MongoDB. Their licencing however looks a little suspect...

Any alternatives for an enterprise solution? It's our first entry into doc style DB having been a MYSQL company for many years.


My other agency is now moving to NextCloud.

We've already started setting up our Decks for project management and are in the process of transfering assets from our old Google Drive.


Chatting with my friend this morning. I realized... some things are a "tweet".... but some things are definitely a "toot".

Enjoying the Dogecoin Wallet wording. If I'm gonna dabble... it might as well be in a Meme!

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