Potentially offensive to Fireman Sam 

I would sure hate to be an insurance company with clients in Fireman Sam’s town.

Reaction emoji + :pixelfed:

Pleroma & Misskey already have this feature, so I'll work on compatibility before this is released.

#pixelfed #pixeldev #emojiReactions #activitypub

Just nailed network printing with my Amiga OS 3.2. I’ve used lpr-dev to hook into the parrallel port, then using Roadshow TCP stack, connecting to a CUPS server with LPD installed. Now I can use any laser jet printer driver on the Amiga to print through CUPS to my modern wireless printer. So far with zero issues. Am I a genius? No. Am I good at searching forums? Yes.

Using this I’m able to hook up an internal 3.5” disk drive via USB and create images of my Amiga software for preservation. Thank you Greaseweazle4


@olivia I’m telling myself that about the tips of my fingers. Makes typing a bit sore.

Today I resized a fence panel and successfully networked my Amiga 500+ using the PiStorm. Oh and I also got food stuck in my throat, choked and had to be saved by my wife 🤣.

Prepping my Raspberry Pi for the PiStorm. This will help my A500 fly I hope!!!!

@pony seems like an opportunity for a budding entrepreneur :D. Any takers?

Forgot I had a tiktok account. Logged in and deleted that too. I personally have no centralised social media, and run my own Mastodon instance so I can enjoy some contact with the world without the influence of large corporations. A very freeing experience and I doubt I will ever go back.

Until I solder on the new battery, my a500+ thinks it’s 1988. Here is “today’s” star chart 😂😂😂

"Make open source Rock; celebrating working together" in Michael Meeks' #Collabora keynote at the LibreOffice conference 2021🌞

Available now, together with other presentations from #LibOCon.

Get them ⏬ collaboraoffice.com/community-

#opensource #foss #collaboraonline #LibreOffice

Right can we cancel covid now!? I’m sick of this pandemic and would like to go out now please.

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