Open source adoption. 

The state of #accessibility issues can't be denied with open source software, but there's another reason so many stick with big mainstream tech. Even though they are giving up privacy, giving up data is far easier than giving up money to pay for an app when you could have been buying food or clothes. Money is a factor, and I wish more would understand that, but I think passionate tinkerers completely ignore the casual user or just doesn't want them as a user.

After almost a year of development, I am happy to announce #FediDB will be launching to the public this weekend!

Building ActivityPub applications will be much easier with FediDB.

Special thanks to @NGIZero for funding development of this project!

#activityPub #federation #developerTools

Happy weekend, everyone! Got some spare time in the next two days? Give the LibreOffice community a hand, enhance your skillset, and make the software even better for millions of users around the world:

We choose to experiment with post edits and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

If we want better alternatives we need to take risks and accept when they fail. 🚀

#pixelfed #soon #activitypub #fediverse

Yesterday I was looking into Vultr for Cloud VPS hosting for @Stuxhost but why leave a perfectly goos #Hetzner :blobcatgiggle:

I'd rather pay a few bucks more for a good infrastructure and green data centers

Please get in touch if you would like to start translating CryptPad to a new language.

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My #Pine64 #Pinephone has done me well for months now. When they are back in stock, thats my vote. Daily driver ready is subjective, it works fine as a daily for my use; I use #Mobian. By the time they ship out again, i'd bet alot will be polished at a kernel level. BTW theres already a proof of concept alarm that wakes phone from deep sleep & will have built in integration coming soon.


#Phone #Phones #Smartphone #Smartphones #Privacy #Tracking


Announcing the winners of the LibreOffice Template Contest with Adfinis, which started in December!

@Stuxhost Howdy. Is that price per user or is it an install based with total capacity of XGB? Also can we install apps etc. Thanks in advance :)

Great question.. its burried in the Gemini guide. Ill test

Gemini Accessibility:

Folks for ASCII Art Alt Text, ensure your description is on the opening "```" line.

Hello and good morning world! :blobcatwave: Yesterday night I almost completed the Cloud hosting for @Stuxhost 💪

I have chosen for NextCloud :blobcatgiggle: :nextcloud:

Loving Thunderbird again... it's like we divorced, then bumped into each other by accident again. Those old feelings bubbled up and before we knew it we were getting reckless together!

@lee Hi, just discovered your gemini capsule (and mastodon account from there). Good stuff!

I have one small suggestion for your capsule. If you move the date portion of your Log posts to the beginning it will conform to the gemini subscription spec so clients and aggregators can subscribe to your gemlog posts.

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