Using this I’m able to hook up an internal 3.5” disk drive via USB and create images of my Amiga software for preservation. Thank you Greaseweazle4

Prepping my Raspberry Pi for the PiStorm. This will help my A500 fly I hope!!!!

Until I solder on the new battery, my a500+ thinks it’s 1988. Here is “today’s” star chart 😂😂😂

Monkey Island. I never got to play this as a kid. I ordered the floppy disks off eBay but they were duds… one gotek floppy emulator with usb drive full of disk images later …….

Ok this is so cool. Gotek floppy drive emulation replacing my old mechanical disk drive. I love vintage tech blended with new home brew tech 🥰

Gemini Accessibility:

Folks for ASCII Art Alt Text, ensure your description is on the opening "```" line.

Having a GREAT experience having setup a Professional Email Account and Productivity Suite from @stux and @Stuxhost

I was looking for something that was managed by an awesome company that was based on open source tech!

Well this ticks ALL the boxes and I'm enjoying my own private space away from my businesses for planning and self-improvement!

Awesome day yesterday including a walk in the sun and cuddles with my little boy x

Bit "clickbaity?" @ChrisWere ;)

Imagine my surprise when it was about fountain pens... of which I love and have a vast collection!

When your source code looks as beautiful as the Gemini Capsule it will become!

I am failing according to the parenting book!

This little lad doesn't want to sleep in a bed tonight. I am therefore happily being his sleep pouch and am surfing the fediverse!

Morning all :)

I think I am winning personally :P

Setting up another VirtualMin stack as I learn how to manage my own servers...

The install script makes it soooooo easy for this noob.. whats the next step after noob?!

@dansup as I reduce my Instagram, look is my new home to check regularly.

Pride of place on my toolbar amongst other open source tools (bar Reddit).

I don't like the sound of this prize so might pass on opening this one!

I will enjoy the lack of Linkedin Spam. If all goes well I will close the account all together!

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