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Gemini Accessibility:

Folks for ASCII Art Alt Text, ensure your description is on the opening "```" line.

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He woke at 1am, he's sat grinning at me at 230am!!

I am in my element :).

We lost a baby before he was born, so Edison buddy... you can keep me awake all night. I love and appreciate you son x

Daddy x

Sat cuddling my boy. It’s 420 am. I can’t believe he will be 1 in a months time!!!

It’s been a while. Rebrand going really well 😀

My lad has been awake since 1am, we are rocking up to 4am right now and he's chatting away to me...

7 months and I did think we'd be in some sort of sleep pattern... any tips to get an excited baby to sleep appreciated! :D

Gemini question 

Hello Fediverse friends! My Gemini question has to deal with links. On some Gemlogs, I see inline links, like how an HTML document would display them, but when I visit my own, HTTP website, in a Gemini browser, all my links are like numbered footnotes. Is there a way to make inline links at all with Gemini? #Gemini

In 2020 we had two major releases of LibreOffice (6.4 and 7.0), packed with new features thanks to our community and certified developers. Plus lots of smaller bugfix updates too. Learn more in our Annual Report:

Hugging my baby boy in the early hours of the morning is heaven. He’s so cute. As our rainbow baby I can’t put into words how grateful we are for him ❤️❤️

First toot from my iPhone. I’m all in it seems.

Which OS is your preferred Server OS? I made a thing. then made a thing to tell you about the thing

Font size is too small and I have to almost put my nose on the TV but I have this issue with most games 😂

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My special #PeerTube instance geared towards creators is up and running. I'm in the process of migrating over myself, before I shut down my personal instance.

Still looking for creators interested in putting videos on it. Feel free to DM me! In the meantime, check it out:

Hello 👋 I would like to know if there is a way to install a #Gemini client on a ebook reader (I’ve the vivlio inkpad 3) ? Thaaaanks

First Toot from my Mac mini M1. It is gorgeous and fast and I recognise I am dancing with the devil not embracing a full FOSS life.

I wear my shame.

All 3 Browser Ecosystem Suck!
Look's like everyone is following #Brave 's model.

#Chrome on device #FLOC
Brave's on device BAT Rewards
#Firefox and this new Scroll thing

All 3 browsers are 'owned' (influenced) by Google.
The rendering engine (Chromium/Blink) & Funding (Mozilla/Firefox)

Alt browsers like qutebrowser don't have a cross device ecosystem

#Apple won't release #Safari as #freesoftware
We don't live in the magical #openweb
We are at the mercy of #google

Downloading Krita 5.0 so that I can do timelapses of my painting experiments :D

I'm still loving gemini too. My new audio-log is a #gemini exclusive.
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