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He woke at 1am, he's sat grinning at me at 230am!!

I am in my element :).

We lost a baby before he was born, so Edison buddy... you can keep me awake all night. I love and appreciate you son x

Daddy x

Hello and good morning world! :blobcatwave: Yesterday night I almost completed the Cloud hosting for @Stuxhost 💪

I have chosen for NextCloud :blobcatgiggle: :nextcloud:

Loving Thunderbird again... it's like we divorced, then bumped into each other by accident again. Those old feelings bubbled up and before we knew it we were getting reckless together!

@lee Hi, just discovered your gemini capsule (and mastodon account from there). Good stuff!

I have one small suggestion for your capsule. If you move the date portion of your Log posts to the beginning it will conform to the gemini subscription spec so clients and aggregators can subscribe to your gemlog posts.

I forgot how much I loved Mozilla Thunderbird.

I let the nay sayers tell me it was crap. Why did I listen to them? I know whats good for me! Chocolate and Thunderbird!

Having a GREAT experience having setup a Professional Email Account and Productivity Suite from @stux and @Stuxhost

I was looking for something that was managed by an awesome company that was based on open source tech!

Well this ticks ALL the boxes and I'm enjoying my own private space away from my businesses for planning and self-improvement!

Fortunately I rarely see it on this platform, but...

...I always think people who expect corporations to have a moral company are a special kind of naive.

seeing as google use github so much, i bet they're mad now they didn't buy it. Though, maybe it would be discontinued by now if they did

gonna do more shadow tactics stream in a bit. the bored and the brave are all invited.

normal peoples dreams: I walked somewhere met someone whatever

my dreams: user named "-" so you can't `su` to it
I will always pronounce IEEE as "I EEEEEEEEEEE" in my head

Hidden email trackers are a "grotesque invasion of privacy," collecting data about user behavior & location which then "feeds into more detailed customer profiles."

Original tweet :

I just became a client of Stuxhost!

Excited to use the productivity suite to record my ideas and create epic content!


Finished! I really like this one, and think my next one will be a full A3 or even A2 size mandala in this style. Strong Mughal Empire influence ^.^

A4 size (21x30cm) 200gm smooth heavyweight paper, Sakura Pigma Microns in black (archival ink).

For Sale! $50 USD which includes worldwide shipping. Note that shipping from South Africa is taking 4-8 weeks currently, and check with me first if your country is accepting mail from SA :)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

No matter how much I spend... I CANNOT CONNECT to any damn printer I purchase when I actually need to print something.

HP LaserJet is mocking me.

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