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He woke at 1am, he's sat grinning at me at 230am!!

I am in my element :).

We lost a baby before he was born, so Edison buddy... you can keep me awake all night. I love and appreciate you son x

Daddy x

Would anyone be willing to tear apart my brand website for all the mistakes I've made in accessibility?

I'd love to put it out there in the open and learn from the experience as we rebuild our site.

300+ podcasts plus video content and more and I realise how much I have neglected :(

I am SCARED of cats.

A few weeks on Mastodon and I'm kinda liking them!


I've been taking my hearing and sight for granted. I've developed brands, websites and more without a second thought for others.

Just a few months in the Fediverse has opened up a new world to me and a realisation that I've been neglecting so many wonderful people.

I'm truly sorry and am on a mission to put accessibility first.

Thank you for your patience.

Awesome day yesterday including a walk in the sun and cuddles with my little boy x

I mean dang, image descriptions aren't just for sighted people to say "oh look at me I'm so woke and non-ablist I am helping some blind person somewhere." Blind people are *actually* on Mastodon. Like, what the crap!

Mastodon could really use a "convert thread to blog post" button 😅

We launched this long-term subscription last year, to look to our next 5 years of building a calm, independent company that'll still be here decades from now.

After other VC-funded companies have come and gone, we'll still be here, answering only to the people who use our software -- because they're the ones who help keep our lights on.

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@lee I regret not taking this attitude 20 years earlier.

The simpler life is so much more satisfying.

40 hits next year and I've finally realised that after 20 years of the rat race, I need to stop racing :)

I'd prefer to slow down and enjoy the view on the way through!

So here's to a slow paced life x

For two weeks, Cyberpunk has no audio. get tired. Uninstall. Ok now reinstall. Still no audio. Wtf. Open volume mixer.


How to Monitor Blood Pressure Without Raising It

Does anyone actually enjoy the sensation of being squeezed by a blood pressure cuff? Well, as Mom used to say, it takes all kinds. For those who find the feeling nearly faint-inducing, take heart: researc…

Original tweet :

@ChrisWere I wondered why I felt zero urge to click on your CSS video!

Seems I was part of an experiment as per "Gemini, the broken web and Nertz"


#Lagrange v1.2: It's a Big One

UI design refresh, Atom feeds, inline downloads, editable bookmark icons, search integration, auto-reloading, fullscreen mode, and a few smaller things.


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